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I know a lot of us tend to run from Checks and Balances. We are too scared that we have achieved so little that we think we are failures and there is no essence rating our progress.

I was chatting with a friend some months back and I was so open to him. I told him I had some challenges, his reply shocked me to my bones. Are you still having this issue? Does it mean you have not been taking cognisance of your progress or you think the problem is just there?

Indeed I have not really taken time to check if I was being successful about the issue. After that day, I intentionally wrote down those issues and how to solve them and as each day went by I was cancelling out the ones I had successfully achieved.

Our lives are like templates and there is always a need to check through it, to know what is written there, what we want there and how to evacuate the unnecessary things.

Taking a long time to do checks and balances is not only applied to our personal life, it touches our businesses, our relationships and every other things we are involved.

Take that step today to go through every stage of your life.

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