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Our two weeks subsidized training started on October 3, 2017 at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ijesha.

The purpose of the training was to take the skill acquisition opportunity to those who might not be able to afford spending a lot of money on trainings but were interested in learning a skill. The economy is not very funny and we understand the fact. This brought about the training.

What thrilled me most was the fact that nursing mothers who knew the significance of skills came, we had four of them who have been so diligent, punctual and ever ready to learn since we started the training.

When the training started, i thought they would give excuses for lateness or absence or be non-chalant in class. Reverse was the case, as these women would always be around before trainings start and they have been so involved.

On the other hand, some young people have been the one giving excuses for their lateness and non-chalant attitudes.

Then it crossed my mind that if women with so much responsibility would leave the comfort of their beautiful homes just to acquire a skill, then a young person does  not have any excuse.

This is just one of the lessons i have learnt in the past few days.

Watch out for more……………………

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