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Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we want to talk about starting your business.

This year’s motto for IWD is #Pressforprogress. How can you do this? By pushing yourself to starting your business

Acquiring a skill is the first step to becoming financially independent. However, as you begin to think about starting your business or growing it, there are many other important steps you need to take to ensure that your dreams become realities. Today, I will like to share 5 of those steps with you.


  1. A positive mindset: The success of your starting your business starts with your belief system. If you believe you will succeed, you surely will. So also, if you believe you won’t succeed, it will become extremely hard for you too. I remember months before I started my business, it was very hard to convince me that building a successful business in Nigeria was within reach. That time, I felt business success was reserved for special breeds of people. Thankfully, as I began to open my heart to positivity, my mind was not only renewed, it became positive. I began to see possibilities where I used to see roadblocks. It was magical! If you want to succeed in business and ultimately in life, you must have a positive mindset. Having a positive mindset starts with positive affirmations, reading books that inspire you and also surrounding yourself with those moving in the same direction as you. As you move on, you will need to avoid negative associations and situations that trigger feelings of hopelessness.


  1. Conduct a market survey/identify your target: Success in business is like the game of soccer. Before starting your business, you must have a target. Yes, it is okay to have a picture of how you want to go about your business in your head, but that is not enough. As a business owner, you must think like a prospect/customer and also, you need to conduct market surveys regularly. Markets are very dynamic and consumer behavior changes due to trends and economic conditions. To succeed in business, you must be committed to serving your target audience the way they want to be served rather than the way you feel you need to serve them. How do you know the way your customers want to be served? It’s by asking them to use questionnaires or listening attentively during conversations. A survey can also take a very formal approach where you hire the services of a professional. Whichever method you choose to use is fine if you are willing to analyze the results of your survey and steer your business in the right direction.


  1. Develop a business plan: Many people think running a business from their heads is a great thing but I’m here letting you know that if you want to build a business successfully, you need a business plan. Now, don’t let the phrase “business plan” scare you. It’s easier than you think it is and you can develop a simple one-page business plan in less than 30 minutes. A business plan is like a map; it gives you a sense of direction.


  1. Make your business visible: In business, visibility is not only key, it is everything. If people don’t know about your business, it will be very hard to attract leads let alone make a profit. As a small business owner, you should devote some time daily to market your business. From handing out your business card, to attending networking events to maintaining a strong social media presence, visibility is key. The results of your survey can also help you with visibility. For example, in your survey results, if you find out that most of your customers spend time offline rather than online, then you should consider spending more time offline with your target audience. Also, the results of your survey would let you know how your target audience wants to be served. This is important because it helps you put your efforts into activities that will help your bottom line. Also, in marketing your product, you need a whole lot of passion and persistence. Let the passion you have for your business ooze through your persistence in talking about your business. You should “carry your business on your head” all the time.


  1. Never leave GOD out: Ultimately, God rules in the affairs of men and that includes you. There’s nothing you can do without God’s backing. The bible says, “It is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of GOD THAT SHOWETH MERCY.” Learn to acknowledge God at all times and do not try to lean on your own understanding. Let him take the center stage and watch how all things will work out in your favor.


Thank you for reading. What other steps do you think is important to take when starting or growing your business? Leave me a comment

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