Business Smart

I remember when I wanted to start my business, by then I had learned to make beads accessories, bake and decorate cakes and also make pastries. So I thought, why not structure the training program to hold on different days so I can handle all the classes. That way, I could keep all the income for myself and also get students to be loyal to my brand.

That month the training held in 2014, I fell ill immediately afterwards. So all the so-called “profit” I made was eventually spent treating myself in the hospital. I also wanted to save cost by delivering my products myself – Cake orders, I’ll make, decorate and rush off to deliver. Beads accessories order, I’ll visit the shops to get materials, make, and deliver.

I returned to my drawing table and told myself – geh, this your mode of operating is not working. What is the way out?

I did a lot of research online and attended programs done by competition and realized the way to be business smart is by forming collaborations and partnerships.

I formed a network of raw materials suppliers, so they deliver raw materials when needed; I formed a team of instructors who get paid per contract while I handled just one class – with this concept, I was able to expand the scope of the courses we were teaching because it wasn’t limited to only what I knew. There are delivery companies everywhere, was quite foolish spending all that time on the road when I could have been more productive elsewhere

With this idea, I had enough time to handle the business, marketing and public relations side of the business.

What do you think you can do differently to scale your business up?

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