The place of women in the community cannot be over-emphasized. What bothers me is the fact that many of these women are not seeing the good side of who they really are and they have joined the society to relegate themselves. They are not seeing beyond their eyesight just because the society has refused to see their importance.

The successes of a lot of women has made me realize that women are not mere people, they are great influencers and they can shake the world.

If in your little corner, women are being relegated and are not given a fair share of what the society holds, don’t join them, don’t relegate yourself, don’t settle for less because you’re powerful with much wisdom and you can influence people around you, you’re not just meant to be in the kitchen, rather you’re living to make a difference.

Being a woman doesn’t make me less than who I ought to be.

Being a woman is the best thing ever.

I’m an influencer




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