I can and I will


Fear in my own simple language or term is………
At a tender age of about 8, having fear was a norm.
I was scared of doing anything, not that those things were fearful but the reactions of the people around me was always on my mind.
My self esteem was lower than a dead phone battery
Standing in public place looked impossible. Though I did face crowd a few times but I just wasn’t confident enough.
It was like a part of me had died. Crying became an hobby. Some persons used to call me a loner. I felt like life wasn’t just fair. I was acting like a loner. I felt so insecure. I didn’t even imagine myself doing well in anything. It was that worse…….
I looked for happiness in the wrong places because I just wanted to be happy. No matter how much I achieved I always felt like I didn’t deserve it.
Then there came a day, I was reading a book I borrowed from a friend. I just began to see a better version of me. It was like I found myself through the pages of those books.
I was overwhelmed. I cried. I laughed. Just because finally I had a feeling for myself. I became stronger than you can imagine just by reading a book.
Afterwards, I became a full time reader. Trust me when I say I can read anything called book- from story books, to novels, to inspirational books, spiritual books, just name it and I’m already reading it.
I can boldly say that what I am and who I am was achieved by reading books and making researches. No-one taught me. Surprisingly, I don’t even have a mentor but i motivate myself every single day.
Fear can steal who we are if we are not ready to deal with it. No one can deal with your issues better than you can.
So getup from your cradle/slumber. Take that step today. Bother less about what anyone thinks or says. You don’t look like what you’ve been through, hence you deserve better things.
Here’s my motivating phrase “I CAN AND I WILL”.
Just do it

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